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Can You Be Gay And Christian?
"All that The Father giveth Me shall come to Me,
and him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out!"
-Jesus Christ, Gospel of John 6:37
"I know and am persuaded by the Lord Jesus
that there is NOTHING unclean of itself...
For I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth NOR ANY OTHER CREATURE shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."
-Paul's Epistle to the Romans 14:14/8:38
"There is neither Jew nor Greek,
there is neither bond nor free,
for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."
-Paul's Epistle to the Galatians 3:28

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Unless born with some handicap that prevents it, every human on earth has a sex drive, created by God at the foundation of Time. In its original creation the sex drive was perfect, its purpose being an internal, natural force to draw two people together for a unique bond, making the two into one being through the sex act - which we call a covenant union, or "marriage". The sex drive, in and of itself, has no consciousness. Rather, it is a function of the body to provoke Man's consciousness, firstly to encourage joining with a mate, and secondly to ensure that the people in a union would continually bind themselves together, to sexually "come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency," 1 Cor 7:5.

The introduction of sin into the world by Adam has corrupted this primal sexual force into sexual lust, which only knows that it is hungry and must be fed. Generally, though every person is different, the more a person is exposed to sexual situations (be they directly or indirectly) the more the mental/sexual stimulus provokes the sex drive.

A person who has surrendered his or her life to Jesus will endeavor to bring that lust under control through the power of the Holy Spirit and will direct that desire to its proper function: the maintenance of unity with one other person.

But the person who has not surrendered to Jesus will give in to sexual lust through fornication and adultery. And the more they feed it, the more powerful it becomes, until the person is first overwhelmed by it, then taken over by it, and finally begins to justify it, as do all addicts of every sin and vice.

The object (males or females) of the basic sex drive's desire will determine an individual's sexuality: heterosexuality or homosexuality. That is, even before the sex drive determines that it wants to be actively engaged with someone through the sex act, it first determines to whom it wishes to be engaged - to a male or a female. This is called SEXUAL IDENTITY.

A majority of people are under the mistaken opinion that a person's genitals automatically determine to which sex that person would and should be attracted. They believe that if a person is born with a penis he will automatically be attracted to females, and if a person is born with a vagina she will automatically be attracted to males. Although the majority of humans tend to follow the phenomenon of Hetero-sexual attraction, there is no biblical mandate which says that this is so, or that it SHOULD be so, in all humans. In fact, Jesus’ chastisement of the Pharisees on this very issue in Matthew 19:3-12 clearly proves that it is NOT so.

As science clearly proves that every human is formed of the same matrix (union of sperm and egg in a womb) by a combined selection of chromosomes and hormones at the mercy of the individual’s DNA, it is utter nonsense to presume that every female will be attracted to males and every male will be attracted to females just as it is nonsense to presume that they all would have the same hair color, eye color, skin color, height, weight, shape, body type, facial features, beauty, fingerprints, temperament, personality, left or right handedness etc.

When the sex drive determines its object of attraction (i.e. males or females), it then combines with a person's emotions, feelings, personal tastes and the natural drive for a unique companionship, to determine what KIND of male or female he or she is attracted to. This itself is a person's "attraction". It has nothing to do with "lust". For example, one heterosexual man may be attracted to larger bosoms on a woman, while another heterosexual man may feel that large bosoms are completely unattractive. In another scenario, one man may be attracted to a hardy and strong willed woman, while another man may find such a woman to be not to his liking at all, in favor of the more delicate and submissive type. There are so many combinations that even the most thorough compatibility questionnaires fall short.

The point of this being, that a person desires a mate which is suitable to their tastes, which compliments the parts of them that they possess, and fills the void of that which they do not possess. And so it was in Eden, when Eve was brought to Adam as being everything that Adam desired, and a compliment to everything that he was. Among other factors, their sexual identity determined that they complimented and fulfilled one another, and then sex united them into one complete being.

This is exactly the same situation for homosexuals. A homosexual man does not find in females those things necessary to compliment and fulfill him the way it does for heterosexual men, but finds them only in males. And a heterosexual man does not find in males those things necessary to compliment and fulfill him the way it does for homosexual men. This is not psychological malfunction; it is merely reality. While heterosexuals do constitute the majority among humans and animals, majority does not determine "right or wrong". The majority of the earth's population is right handed (left-brained), yet this does not mean that the minority of left handed (right-brained) persons are "wrong".

A typical heterosexual man is repulsed by the idea of an intimate union with males and a typical homosexual man is repulsed by the idea of an intimate union with females. Their sex drive, attraction, emotions and feelings reject one gender or the other because that gender is incompatible and does not compliment nor fulfill them. All of the feelings and emotions that a heterosexual man or homosexual woman has towards a female, a homosexual man and heterosexual woman feels towards a male. It is the result of a combination of a zillion factors, from genetics and DNA, to the sex drive, mental make-up, emotional make-up, and personal taste of the individual, all of which are unconscious, natural things.

That is not to say that a heterosexual man might not engage in sexual intercourse with a man, or that a homosexual man might not engage in sexual intercourse with a woman. In fact, Leviticus 20 and Romans 1 speaks of this as a man who "also lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman", "men leaving the natural use of the woman", and also, women that "did change the natural use into that which is against nature". Uncontrolled lust and a lack of resistance to temptation generally lead to such activity. Sometimes, with heterosexual males it is a matter of curiosity, and with homosexuals it is a matter of peer/parental pressure. The chances of a homosexual man perversely having sex with women, or a heterosexual man perversely having sex with other men, can also be raised if a person has been inappropriately or untimely exposed to same or opposite sexuality, such as by molestation, rape, pornography, seduction during a weak moment, etc, because a door to something that they otherwise would not have naturally involved themselves with has been opened - though the results greatly depend upon the mental make-up and inner fortitude of the individual. Since no two people are alike, no two people have the same results or react the same. Those same exposures which might cause one heterosexual man to have sex with another man may, in another heterosexual man, cause the opposite to occur and that man may become overly addicted to sex with women. A multitude of results could occur.

I've known heterosexual men, who have been deeply hurt by a woman, to find solace in the safety, camaraderie and like-mindedness of males, and therefore drawn to the idea that the comfort they found in sex with women can be found in sex with men without having to worry about the trauma they endured from a woman. A common result is that he sinks further and further into depression because, what first appeared as comfort, is later realized to be unfulfillment because it is not his true nature. Then, as it happens when religion rears its ugly head, when he has come to his senses and returns to women he suddenly thinks that he is a "healed homosexual" (though he was never a homosexual to begin with) and tries to use his situation as evidence that all homosexuals can change.

Likewise, I've known homosexuals, who are so terrified of the disapproval of their parents or society, that it overwhelms their own sense of self-preservation and dignity, and they go so far as to marry with the opposite gender and parent offspring; and all this without regard to the fact that, not only are they deceiving their spouse who thinks that they have their mate's whole heart, but they will end up causing their spouse and children grief when they can no longer silence their true nature to continue the charade, which will then force them to break Biblical law by divorcing.

A right handed person may learn to write with his left hand, but he will never be left handed; and when he returns to writing with his natural right hand he cannot then say that he is an ex-left handed person and that therefore all left handed people can change, because he was never left handed to begin with and will never know what it is like to be left handed regardless of how much he wrote with his left hand. A right handed person is left-brained, and a left handed person is right-brained. So no matter how much a left-brained person writes with his left hand, he will never be able to make himself become right-brained. Likewise, no matter how much heterosexuals engage in same gender activity they will never be a homosexual, and a homosexual will never be a heterosexual regardless of how many opposite gender encounters they have or how much they become brain washed by "ex-gay ministries" or the church or psychiatry into thinking that they are heterosexual.

However, when a person does contrary to his rudimentary nature, such as a heterosexual engaging in homosexual sex or a homosexual engaging in heterosexual sex – for whatever the reason - the Bible says that they are leaving their nature and this constitutes abomination.

Sex is a precious gift from God, demonized by many through false religious piety and abused by many through lust. Sex, according to Scripture, has one chief purpose: to unite two people into one entity. Yes, children can be produced through sex, just as a piece of art can also produce millions of dollars. But the purpose of sex is for unity, just as the purpose of art is for beauty.

According to the Bible, sex – not ceremony or legal recognition – creates and solidifies a marriage. For example, in Genesis Abraham took Hagar as a wife, not by ceremony or regard to any government license, but by having sex with her. Because sex instantly creates a marriage covenant, God has strict laws governing it. But why is He so strict about it? Why does God care if you have sex with different people? What’s the big deal? Why does God seem to want to spoil the pleasure of sex? Actually God WANTS you to enjoy sex; He wants you to revel in the pleasures that He created to accompany sex. He created us to experience and enjoy all of the wondrous sensations that come with sex. However, He created sex for a reason, and therefore all the pleasures of sex are lawful to God only when they are achieved lawfully – that is, through the union of marriage, which is a LIFELONG covenant.

The first time that you have sex with someone, according to Scripture, YOU ARE MARRIED to that person in God’s eyes. Therefore, each time afterwards that you engage in sex with someone else, you are committing fornication (because you are having sex with someone you are not married to) and you are committing adultery against the first person you had sex with. Sex is a private thing to be enjoyed only between you and the mate you have chosen for life. That is the only way that it is lawful in God’s eyes.

Ideally, we marry someone because we love him or her, not because we have great sex with them. Many of us often put the cart before the horse by thinking that we should first live with someone and have sex with them BEFORE getting married to determine whether the person is a compatible choice. This is NOT biblical and is abhorred by God because we have then made the pleasure of sex the standard of our marriage. Once you have sex with someone you are automatically married to them; so then it is backwards to assume you are having sex FIRST to see if you want to marry that person. What you are doing in fact is called fornication. Sex is the act of marriage; it is not an experiment to determine compatibility for married life. Sex is a wondrous gift from God, yes, BUT SEX IS GOD’S WEDDING GIFT.

Before we gave our hearts to Jesus, when we were in the world, we did whatsoever things our body lusted for. But now that we are in Jesus, we are commanded to bring the will of our bodies under subjection to the will of Christ. We are clearly told in the New Testament that fornicators and adulterers will not enter the Kingdom of God. It doesn’t matter how much we try to reason away our actions because no reason justifies the violation of the Word of God.

So what should we do? The answer to that is very easy, though fulfilling it is a bit more difficult. The answer from the Bible is that we must abstain from fornication, and that if we wish to enjoy the pleasures of sex it must be only within a lifelong covenant union. And there is one more biblical stipulation added to this: the mate we choose must be of the biblical faith. We cannot just pick anybody we want. If we mate with someone who is not a faithful believer in Jesus, then the marriage is doomed from the start, and our own relationship with Jesus will be in great jeopardy. An unbelieving spouse will want what the world wants, while a believing spouse will desire the things of God. What business has light with darkness? Jesus Himself said that the Faithful are the children of God, but that the unbelievers are children of the Devil. So what business has a child of God with a child of Satan? None whatsoever.

In many ways the church condemns homosexuals because they think it is nothing but an excuse for unbridled sex. As far as the worldly gay community is concerned, this is not far from the truth, just as it is in the worldly straight community. Without Christ there is nothing to govern one’s passions, because each person will do what is right in his own eyes. As Christians we have a responsibility to keep ourselves pure from the things of the world, to die to the lusts of the flesh daily, and to do all things to the edification of our pure and Holy Father in heaven. Paul says that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit. Let us not desecrate His temple with fornication and adultery. When the Holy Spirit comes to His temple and sees us enjoying the sexual pleasures of marriage, let us be sure that we are engaged in those pleasures with the partner we’ve chosen to stay faithful to for life; and not only will the Holy Spirit be pleased by that faithfulness, He will also bless it.

Evangelist Justin Lee of GCN RADIO
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"Can you be gay & Christian?"

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